2017-18 Windham Orchestra Season Continues to Delight

Windham Orchestra has a new rehearsal home, the auditorium at the Brattleboro Music Center.

We are starting to listen differently, to discover ourselves from a shifted vantage point, and create new expressions of excellence.

Our 2017-18 season is based (77%!) on repertoire choices made by the playing members of Windham Orchestra.

Some samplings:

  • Our 'B's' are Beethoven, Brahms, Benjamin Britten and Bernstein
  • We embrace eclecticism and the light-hearted: Leroy Anderson, Ferdie Grofé, Bernstein
  • A whole concert is dedicated to.....Russia! (We are a non-political organization.)
  • Despite that, four out of thirteen works are American. (We are a non-political organization.)
  • I shall be soloist and conductor in one program...Brahms' D minor Piano Concerto, and the Pastoral Symphony
  • 'Classical' triumvirate of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven

Here's what's really important about us: we are hugely ambitious, passionate and welcoming. We are strongly convinced that we handle the orchestral experience, standards, inclusion, and participation, differently than others. Come and find out about us for the first time, or discover us anew.

On our Fall program, Appalachian Spring was sensitive, sharply-etched and unique to Windham Orchestra. We are currently taking the measure of the wild romanticism of Scheherazade and the Polovtsian Dances from Prince Igor, and the astonishing newness and inspiration of Beethoven's Pastoral.

Come to visit us any Monday evening at the Auditorium on Blanche Moyse Way, and get to know us, please! We'd love to find out from you what you think makes us distinct.

Very warmly,
Hugh Keelan